About Our Staff

King Davis

King Davis is one of RNs. Look for more information coming soon.

Maggie Ellerbee

Maggie Ellerbee has been a CNA with Thomaston Hospice for more than two years. She has a heart for serving others. And, as families navigate these difficult times of transition, her important and sage advice is to never underestimate the power of prayer.

Dana Evans

Dana Evans is our office manager. Look for more information coming soon.

Al Hinson

Al Hinson is our C.E.O and Owner. Look for more information coming soon.

Chris Hinson

Chris Hinson our chaplain, came to Thomaston Hospice almost two years ago after spending three years as a missionary in Uganda. With a heart for people and Jesus, his joy comes from investing in others comfort and peace. Though it’s never easy, one thing he wants families to experience is, that there is always hope and even loss can be beautiful when you are surrounded by love and peace.



Angela Matson

Angela Matson, our Social Worker, has been with us for 11 years and has a heart of gold. In addition to juggling home life with 4 adopted children and 2 biological children, she tirelessly looks out for the welfare of our families, helping them navigate the challenges during this time of transition. One of her biggest rewards is being able to see families come together, forgive, mend, and find peace. “Everyone deserves to feel important, deserves to be loved, and deserves dignity.”



Lindsey Matthews

Lindsey Matthews is our Community Relations Manger. Look for more information coming soon.

Sonja Newton

Sonja Newton is one of our CNAs. Look for more information coming soon.

Chelsea Peterson

Chelsea Peterson came from the Emergency Room setting and was thankful to have the opportunity to slow down a little and love on patients individually. She says one of the most rewarding experiences she’s had is seeing people open their hearts and minds, accept Christ and find peace. Her kindness and dedication helps our families see beyond the storm and enjoy each day as it comes.

Candace Streetman

Candace Streetman, RN came to Thomaston Hospice from the ER a little over a year ago. Her goal is to help families realize what a blessing Hospice can be, often much sooner than they realize. Her warm smile helps put our families at ease as she educates them each step of the way.

Shirley Traylor

Shirley Traylor is one of our CNAs. Look for more information coming soon.

Hallie Zittrouer

Hallie Zittrouer, RN came to Thomaston Hospice from working 7 years in oncology. Her favorite part is being able to build relationships with each family. Her bright personality along with her compassion makes her an asset to our team as she helps our families find peace in times of uncertainty.

Elise Delli-Gatti

Elise Delli-Gatti, RN
We are so excited to welcome Elise Delli-Gatti to our nursing team. Elise earned her RN in 2008 and has been employed in the Emergency Department. Elise comes to us with a great passion for hospice nursing after experiencing it with several of her family members. She is a member of Northridge Church and a founding member of LIFT. Elise finds great joy in spending time with her church, family and her 3 precious boys.